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We Buy

Sell us your unwanted goods for immediate cash.  Pawnshield is known for paying fair prices on quality merchandise.  We pay cash for electronics, solid gold coins, jewelry and more.  Our highly trained team of professionals can evaluate your gold to determine its karat value and authenticity on the spot.

We Sell

We know price conscious consumers today demand value, Pawnshield delivers!  Consumers that shop with us can save as much as 70% off regular retail pricing on gold and silver merchandise, lithographs, oil paintings, collectibles, crystal, bronzes, tools, high end electronics and more.

We Loan

Collateral Loans on Jewelry.  Our customers know us as a reliable and confidential resource that delivers quick access to convenient cash.  We offer simple, easy to understand choices that make sense.  Pawnshield is dedicated to promoting responsible lending built on a foundation of honesty and fairness.