Core Purpose and Values

Pawnshield provides collateralized, non-recourse loans, commonly known as pawn loans that help ordinary people get  immediate access to cash to meet their financial needs to purchase equipment or other items of value so that they can pursue their dreams.  We do not evaluate the creditworthiness of a pawn customer, but rely on the estimated resale value of the collateral and the perceived probability of the loan’s redemption.

Our business practice is predicated on a set of core values that underscores our strong belief in balancing work and family.  This foundation is evident in our interactions with each other, our customers and our vendors:


We are passionate about everything we do.  We want to compete in every opportunity we can to demonstrate that we can provide superior products and services to our customers.  We are committed to delivering the best products and services that are recognized for their quality.


We never rest on our accomplishments, we set out to build on them.  Our business philosophy is about  setting new standards in our industry.  We endeavor to exceed expectations on everything we undertake, and expect more of ourselves than our customers and clients do.


Our focus is on making it easy to do business with us.  Our experienced team of professionals operates in a work culture that emphasizes the importance of providing outstanding customer service.  Everything we do is about providing customers with a positive experience.


We look for customers that we can build mutually rewarding long lasting relationships with.  Clients that have as much passion and skin in the game as we do, that realize their future, reputation and success is about the work they are doing right now, not in the past.


Creativity is a core value at Pawnshield.  Add our relevant experience, passion and excellent skills and you get effective Creativity.  Not just new ideas, but ideas that work. Not just cool ideas, but ideas that separate us from the rest of the pack in the marketplace.


Trust is at the foundation of all relationships.  Our organization stands for integrity, reliability and fairness.  We place our relationships with people above profits and  our reputation before revenue.  These core values define our interdependence in relationships with others.

  • We act with a servants heart and value the needs of others, enabling us to reach out with compassion and understanding.
  • Every Pawnshield business is community and neighborhood oriented.
  • Our focus is on personalized customer care and building relationships.
  • More so than ever before, consumers demand competitive financial services from professional organizations that are both honest and fair that can provide immediate cash when they are cash and credit constrained.