Valuation and Evaluation Experts

From Alexandrite to Zircon

Individuals on staff have over 33 years seasoned professional experience, conferred MBA from prestigious University, G.I.A trained Graduate Gemologist, Independent Appraiser; experienced in the valuation and evaluation of Precious Metals, Unique Period Pieces, Wristwatches, Pocket Watches, Diamonds, Colored Gemstones, and Semi-Precious Gemstones.

There is a substantial void in both working and academic knowledge amongst many so called self proclaimed “Jewelry Appraisers” that sit behind a repair bench or stand behind the jewelry counter relying solely on “hunches”, “best guess-timates”, “electronic devices” or some combination of all  when making value  assumptions.  Many of these self professed “experts” could not reliably by themselves differentiate natural Diamond from Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia without the use of an electronic tester in the first place.

Many over the counter electronic devices are inherently unreliable, outdated, improperly maintained, or as we have observed over the years, improperly used and regularly render false information!

Electronic devices are but one tool that should be used amongst many during the examination and analysis of gemstones, but not to be relied on exclusively by themselves to make final determinations or evaluations.  Electronic test devices are useful to some degree, but extremely limited in the scope of what they can do.  They are not useful in identifying a stone that has been laser drilled, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), High Pressure High Heat (HPHT) produced synthetic Diamonds, or a Diamond that has been subjected to an acid treatment and then fracture filled, or distinguishing between a natural or synthetic Ruby or one that has been filled with a foreign material.  This knowledge deficiency limitation makes it nearly impossible for such individuals to generate reliably accurate assumptions and or Fair Market Valuations.

Our experience, access to some of the best resources in the industry, working knowledge and academic background are what differentiates and sets us apart from other jewelers & potential competitors.

Our knowledgeable professionals are well trained in Gemology, period pieces, luxury items, estate jewelry, luxury wristwatch, and pocket watch valuations and have access to a variety of resources that can provide you with a more accurate Fair Market Valuation Appraisal and that could potentially put more money in your pocket when you sell or need a loan!

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