Our Pledge To Our Customers

Trust is at the foundation of all relationships.  Our organization stands for integrity, reliability and fairness.  We place our relationships with people above profits and our reputation before revenue.  These core values define our interdependence in relationships with others.

Our culture is built on a “people matter most” philosophy.  We pride ourselves on being able to build goodwill among our customers through a coherent communication process that is based on trust and transparency.

We want you to think of us every time you’re ready make a purchase or need cash to pursue a dream.  Whether you’re marking a memorable moment, milestone, significant accomplishment in life or anything else, our commitment is to you!

Pawnshield Fine Jewelry & Loan is committed to leveraging a lifetime of knowledge and resources to provide you with fine quality merchandise at competitive prices, easy-to-understand-loans, professional jewelry repair and refurbishing, ethical disclosure, excellent reputation and the kind of close personalized customer service that you deserve!  We love questions and don’t expect you to know the four C’s, or the difference between natural gems and synthetic material, that’s our job, and we are here to explain it in easy to understand terms.

Our longevity in business is your social proof of our long standing tradition of commitment to our customers and comprises the professionalism and core principles upon which we are staking the future of our business.

We know you that you have many other choices, and we want to personally thank you for choosing Pawnshield!

Respectfully Yours,