A young man told me recently that his wife really didn’t want jewelry. I beg to differ. Men… you need to consider how much work you put into wooing your girl. Before you “put a ring on it” did you write sweet notes, leave chocolates, shower her with gifts? Why does this behavior stop once the girl says yes?

Women assume these behaviors are genuine acts of love and affection, not just simple courtship. We believe our man will continue to shower us with sweet notes, small mementos, and tokens of love.

So…this means your mission as husband and lover is to shower her with love this Valentine’s Day. Do not allow her to cook or clean.   Flowers, a note, chocolate and some sparkling jewels are a must. You do not need to spend a fortune, simply shop for a bargain. Pawnshield has gifts as low as $10. We will help you express your love! Stop by or shop online. 70% Off Sale
Layaway now for that special day

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